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Jan 16, - "Shut up", the croaky-voiced woman grunted, "and fuck me harder!" Marge Simpson on your TV and Marge Simpson on her Slut Tour were two completely believe it or not, he was the king of all that in this two-faced, sex-crazed town. . Marge started her engine and drove the minute or two to Moe's.

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So both a 3-year-old and a year-old Lisa exist simultaneously -- and, hell, there's a standard 8-year-old version running around too, since Seasons 21 and 22 aired that year.

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It's a bigger mess than Terminator Genisys. But it's not just time that's been fucked: Space is full of gloryholes too.

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As Futurama keeps telling us -- and The Simpsons too -- messing with time in even the smallest ways screws things up ridiculously. And sending a small nation's worth of fictional characters back in time is bound cause some ripples through space as well.

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The mystery of which state Springfield is in is one of the show's longest-running jokes. Clues have been dropped along the way, but the evidence is full furry technology hentai contradictions and misdirects.

But maybe there's no answer, because it's in every single state, simultaneously everywhere and nowhere. Springfield's internal geography is just as impossible to pin down.

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alp Most cities are built around convenience or advertisingbut Springfield's layout seems to depend on how funny the placement of buildings is. This is a universe where the foot Magnifying Glass was built next door to the Popsicle Stick Skyscraper for the looney tunes comicsex reason of it being hilarious to watch it burn down.

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Over the Simpsons' back fence is usually just another house, but we've also seen a forest, a graveyard, and the Power Plant's parking lot there. In one episode, Homer is proud that he walks all the way to Moe's, before the camera zooms out to reveal it's only two doors down from home.

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In the movie, Moe's is shown to be right next door to the church, for the purpose of a single cartoon sex comics. But it looks like everything marg around because we're not seeing one city here. In any given episode, we could be looking into any of those parallel Springfields -- each one populated with a different fucjs of the Simpsons and co. Many of which die horribly. With all these duplicates running around, why don't we ever see two Homers cross paths?

Well, besides those times we actually dothe rules of time travel we've seen in Futurama state marge simpson fucks all at moes bar these time-travel duplicates are doomed to die.

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Nick, Duffman, and Dr. Marvin Monroe have all died and come back.

The hapless Hans Simpsom gets into car accidents regularly, has his brain drilled into, is buried alive, and suffers possibly lethal football-in-the-groin trauma. In fact, we see the main cast horribly killed right in front of us all the time -- we just choose to ignore it because they're framed as parts of Halloween specials.

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Homer is mauled by a werewolf Flanders. The whole family is turned inside-out by fog.

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Groundskeeper Willie murders school kids from beyond the grave. Snake Jailbird's sentient hair kills Apu and Moe. The entire smpson is wiped out by a nuke. But hey, next week we'll just scoot over to the next Springfield, the one that wasn't destroyed by giant advertising mascots, and pretend nothing happened.

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The popularity and impact of The Simpsons has led to the show being referenced a reference to Milhouse's line "Everything's coming up Milhouse! one of the questions asked is "Which cartoon features a bar called Moe's? .. a reference to "Natural Born Kissers" where Marge and Homer had sex in the .. Video games.

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Hottest Mom in the World! Milhouse has a thing for this mom!

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Every night, he touches himself to the thought of his own mother! Luanne Getting Fucked By Bart!

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News:Jan 16, - "Shut up", the croaky-voiced woman grunted, "and fuck me harder!" Marge Simpson on your TV and Marge Simpson on her Slut Tour were two completely believe it or not, he was the king of all that in this two-faced, sex-crazed town. . Marge started her engine and drove the minute or two to Moe's.

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